Who We Serve

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Our Specialties

  • Pre- and Early Retirees interested in securing and protecting their future and lowering their taxes
  • Business owners and corporate managers seeking to preserve wealth and protect assets while lowering their taxes
  • Professionals looking to create a plan to achieve their goals and increase wealth
  • Medical professionals including physicians, nurses and lab techs (we have a strong understanding of your benefits and common challenges)

Common Client Concerns

Common ConcernsHow We Help
Can I afford my current lifestyle in retirement? • Our Dynamic Wealth Design helps you get to the bottom of what you’ll need to fund your lifestyle
• We’ll stress test your plan to make sure it holds up in various scenarios
• We’ll help you find tax-efficient income strategies to generate income in retirement
• Ongoing support will ensure that you stay on track with your plan
How can I pay less taxes?• Changing tax laws present both concerns as well as opportunities
• We consider tax planning integral to all our services, so we’ll always be looking for ways to reduce your tax bill
• Our collaborative team of tax-savvy advisors strives to find strategies that will benefit your bottom line
I’m selling my business (or property, etc.)—how can I protect the proceeds from taxes?• Our team specializes in helping you minimize or eliminate taxes on the sale of an appreciated asset
• We routinely design wealth saving strategies for clients, such as trusts, or unique uses of retirement plans or insurance
• These strategies can keep more money in your own pocket and help you fund your own goals at the same time
I’ve just gotten divorced/married/had a child/changed jobs, what financial changes should I make? • Our team can help you analyze and adjust to the financial changes brought on by any of these life altering events
• Our Dynamic Wealth Design adapts as your life evolves
• Our cash flow analysis is designed to demonstrate the effects of any change in your financial situation

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