About Us

Serious financial planning for today’s complex world

Many financial advisory firms offer planning…sometimes it’s even free.  But in many cases, it’s not the kind of rigorous financial work you need to really keep your wealth safe.  And unfortunately, you may find that out too late…as many did in 2008.

Our firm was founded specifically to give you a more comprehensive kind of financial planning: one that can protect you and your family through thick and thin, so you can feel more confident about your future.

  • Our Dynamic Wealth Design gives you a customized plan that changes as your life and challenges change.
  • The plans are extensively stress-tested, so you can worry less and feel more optimistic about the future. 

Integrated Tax and Estate Planning

Our services also include tax and estate planning, so you can put the tax code to work for you.  Through our specialized team’s coordinated efforts, we seek to help you eliminate or substantially reduce capital gain, income, estate, generation-skipping, and other taxes.  That keeps more of your money working for you, not the government.

Keeping Your Money Safe

As your wealth grows, so do the threats against it.  That’s why our unique Dynamic Wealth Design focuses on protection as well as growth:

  • Asset protection strategies help shelter your wealth
  • Tax strategies help lower your taxes when possible
  • Proper insurance coverage helps you protect what matters
  • Active investment management techniques help mitigate risks
  • Cash flow analysis helps pinpoint your progress towards your goals

Our Promise to You

At The Normandy Group, we’re an independent firm without ties to any product companies.  Our mission is to help you protect and grow your wealth, so you can stop worrying about your future.  To do that, we promise to:

  • Act as your fiduciary and put your interests first
  • Learn as much as we can about your goals, needs, and preferences, so we can help you create the kind of future you want most
  • Be honest with you, so we can help you avoid mistakes that take you farther away from your goals
  • Help you address and work through any financial challenges or issues you are facing
  • Work diligently to stress-test your plan to help make sure it can help you avoid blind spots
  • Look for and suggest tax-savings opportunities, so you can keep more of your money working for you 

Independence That Benefits You

The Normandy Group is a completely independent firm, so we’re not beholden to any product or parent companies.  That allows us to serve as your fiduciary, putting your interests first.

We also use an independent custodian to hold your money and funds.  That lets us focus on what we do best.  It also helps ensure that your funds are held with a well-known, independent custodian that provides a high level of security.

This is a valuable protection to seek no matter who you hire for one key reason.  You will get two sets of statements: one from your advisor, and one from the custodian. This provides simple checks and balances of your accounts.

We’re an independent firm without ties to any product companies.  Our mission is to help you protect and grow your wealth, so you can stop worrying about your future.


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